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AL-HABIB MARKAZ was founded by Hazrat Ji in the year 2008 with the sole purpose of helping those who are afflicted with Negative energy, Evil Eye, Black Magic and Demonic Possession. He has treated over 10,000+ patients from across the globe including places like South Africa, UK, USA, Singapore and several states all over India.

Started with a mission to protect and cure the mind, body & soul from such afflictions Hazrat Ji has vowed to indiscriminately protect, prevent & treat all humans from such problems, irrespective of their religious beliefs, absolutely free of cost. For years he has treated & cured several individuals with complex problems enabling them to lead a normal life again. His treatment method is not restricted solely for Muslims but rather is open to all people without prejudice regardless of faith or cultural beliefs. If you or anyone close to you shows similar symptoms Please Contact us at AL-HABIB MARKAZ, Mumbai one of the best black magic removal experts in the World, WhatsApp or Call for a detailed consultation. The solution to your problems will be there for sure.

For Detailed Consultation Please Get in Touch with us through Call or WhatsApp at +91 76678 95789 or Email us at

Spiritual Issues


Black Magic

Black Magic was around us forever and people are practicing it for centuries. Black magic has traditionally ....


Evil Eye

Evil Eye or “Nazar” though thought by many to be harmless and usually brushed off as superstition ...


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